Mourdock Outlines Alternatives to Obamacare

Press Release

By:  Richard Mourdock
Date: Sept. 10, 2012
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Indiana State Treasurer and GOP candidate for US Senate Richard Mourdock today joined US Senator--and physician---Tom Coburn (R-OK) to discuss how they would work together to repeal and replace "….one of the most job-killing and reckless pieces of legislation of our time."

Coburn is a physician and the author of S. 1009, the Patients' Choice Act, an alternative to the President's Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Senator and Mr. Mourdock huddled with physicians and administrators at the Indiana Orthopedic Hospital (IOH) to discuss the legislation's impact on their practices and patients.

"This disastrous legislation is killing jobs, pushing folks off their insurance plans and actually raising the cost of health care. It's also killing providers and damaging our hospitals," said Mourdock. "We need to repeal it. But, just as important, we need to replace it with market-oriented, patient-and-doctor driven reforms that actually reduce health care costs," he continued.

Key aspects of the Mourdock health care agenda include:

* making all health care expenses 100 percent tax deductible for all Americans,
* allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines,
* enacting additional medical malpractice insurance and liability reforms

Coburn praised Mourdock for the substantive approach he has taken to health care reform. "Richard's 30-plus years of experience in business, followed by his work as State Treasurer, has given him a very good handle on health care reform," said Coburn. "His substantive approach and specific ideas will make him a serious policy maker in the Senate," said Coburn.

Dr. John Dietz, a spine surgeon and Chairman of the IOH Board of Directors welcomed Mourdock and Coburn. "We are grateful for the leadership of Mr. Mourdock and Senator Coburn in shaping health career form based on patient choice, competition and strengthening physician-patient relationships," said Dietz.

Mourdock singled out the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices including in the legislation, which has put Indiana's #20,000 high-paying medical device jobs at risk and already forced Cook Industries to cancel plans for a new plant in Indiana. "The more we learn about Obamacare, the more clear it becomes that Rep. Donnelly's vote for it was a vote against Hoosiers," said Mourdock.

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