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Rooney: American Workers Giving Up Hope Under Obama


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-16) today issued the following statement on the August jobs report, which showed 368,000 American workers dropping out of the labor force:

"The most telling sign of President Obama's failure is the number of workers who have simply given up hope of finding a job in his economy. Last month alone, 368,000 Americans lost hope and quit looking for work, because this President has proven over the last four years that he doesn't have what it takes to get this economy moving and create jobs.

"The President's politics of envy and division can't detract from his failed record of high unemployment, lower wages, skyrocketing gas prices, and record national debt. The American people don't need a new speech; they need a new direction.

"We need a President and a Senate who will join our ongoing efforts to grow the economy and help the private sector rebuild our middle class with new, high-paying jobs. The House has voted to prevent the President's massive tax hike, which would cost our economy another 700,000 jobs, but the Senate refuses to act. The House has passed dozens of bills to help create jobs, but the Senate has ignored them while refusing to pass jobs legislation of their own. Where is the leadership? Where are the jobs?"

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