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Recognizing Amtrak and Its Important Role on September 11, 2001

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. BROWN of Florida. Mr. Speaker, on this day of remembrance of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amtrak and its employees for its efforts in the minutes, days and weeks following the attacks.

On this very day 11 years ago, Amtrak and its employees worked around the clock to provide one of the only travel options in many parts of this country. Within minutes of the incident, Amtrak jumped into action. It mobilized and established a command center; evacuated a number of stations for inspections of trains and infrastructure; and dispatched police officers and staff throughout Amtrak facilities to patrol and conduct ongoing inspections.

On the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak added about 30 percent more seating capacity to fill the travel gap. Over 1,600 daily seats were added to long-distance trains and another 300 seats to West Coast trains.

Amtrak also provided transportation to New York City for families and friends of victims, firefighters, police, medical teams, military and other public officials, and even airline crew members. In partnership with the American Red Cross, Amtrak transported thousands of emergency relief kits to New York City. In fact, with the airlines grounded, the U.S. Postal Service turned to Amtrak to carry mail.

Mr. Speaker, on the anniversary of September 11, it is important we reflect on the important role of Amtrak and its employees and it is essential that we maintain our vigilance of the security of all modes of transportation.

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