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GOP Plan Would Harm Hundreds of Thousands of Connecticut Seniors

Press Release

Location: Hamden, CT

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) today joined with Judy Stein, Executive Director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, and Woodbridge resident and Medicare beneficiary Harvey Adelberg to speak out against the Republican plan to radically change Medicare and cut health care spending for seniors. Republicans, led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, are trying to roll back the consumer protections established two years ago under the health care reform bill known as the Affordable Care Act.

"Two years ago, I was proud to help pass a comprehensive health care reform bill that is already working to bring down the high costs of prescription drugs by closing the doughnut hole and strengthening Medicare," DeLauro said. "Because of that bill, seniors have received immediate and continuing relief from high prescription drug costs and free preventive and wellness coverage for services like cancer and diabetes screenings. But House Republicans have been trying to roll back these benefits since they took power in the House of Representatives. This is the wrong path forward for America. Programs like Medicare have transformed what it means to retire with dignity in America. Budgets are about choices and Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan make the wrong ones.

"I have represented Medicare beneficiaries since 1975," Stein said. "For almost 40 years I have seen Medicare provide access to health care for older and disabled people and peace of mind for their families. Medicare was enacted because private insurance failed seniors. With Medicare, 98% of all people who are 65 or more have health insurance. For decades, private Medicare plans have been tried; they have continued to be more expensive and less reliable than the traditional program. This is particularly true in Connecticut, where private Medicare plans have swarmed in and out. Yet, the Ryan Plan would maximize privatization and give seniors a limited allowance to shop for a policy. The Ryan Plan is not better for people who rely on Medicare, their families, or taxpayers. That's the truth, not a scare tactic."

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