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10 Reasons to Re-Elect Bobby

Press Release

Location: East Moline, IL

10 Reasons to Re-Elect Bobby

Reason #1: No Tax Hikes on Working Families

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign has unveiled the first reason in their "10 Reasons to Re-Elect Bobby" series. The series focuses on the successful record of U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) and explains why one good term deserves another. The campaign plans to release one reason per week leading up to the election on November 6.

Reason #1 to Re-Elect Bobby: No tax hikes on working families.

During his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives, Schilling has consistently advocated for working families, voting against both the payroll tax hike and the job-killing Obama tax hike. Schilling argued that raising taxes on working families during a recession is bad policy.

"We're still struggling with this recession," Schilling said. "Working families are already having a hard time making ends meet. Look, you can't tax a nation into prosperity. Government needs to stop the over-taxation, stop the over-regulation, and cut back on the wasteful spending. Let's give employers and workers alike some room to breathe--there's no doubt that if we do that, our economy will start rolling again."

Schilling pointed to the recent 67 percent tax increase in Illinois as an example of poor representation in government.

"Pat Quinn and career politicians in Springfield passed a huge tax increase a couple years back, essentially taking a full week's pay from every worker in Illinois," Schilling said. "Now we've seen the results, and they're not good. Illinois families can't afford more taxes, especially with skyrocketing gas prices and out-of-control health care costs. We need less taxation, not more."

Jon Schweppe, communications director at the Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign, said that Schilling stands up for working families.

"Bobby Schilling has been a fierce advocate for working families," Schweppe said. "Far too many career politicians choose to raise taxes on the people so they can pay for their own pet projects. Bobby Schilling knows that we need to stop over-taxing, stop the out-of-control growth of government, and let the people decide how to spend their own money."

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