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National Debt Surpasses $16 Trillion

Press Release

Location: Springfield, IL

As the national debt topped a staggering $16 trillion Tuesday, Rodney Davis, Republican nominee for the 13th Congressional District of Illinois, says out of control government spending and refusal from Washington to keep borrowing under control is "incomprehensible."

The national debt was $10.6 trillion dollars when President Obama took office in 2009. Since then, Washington has added almost a trillion dollars in a failed stimulus plan along with unchecked federal spending to balloon the debt to today's mark of $16 trillion.

A $16 trillion debt leaves every man, woman, and child in this country on the hook for $50,000," said Davis. "I'm disgusted that Washington has been so reckless. Beginning to repay our national debt is one of my highest priorities when I get to Congress."

Davis says Washington must reprioritize spending, improve the economy to help people get back to work, and repeal and replace Obamacare to begin cutting into the debt.

"A $16 trillion national debt is offensive to me as a father, and it should be offensive to every one of us as Americans," he said.

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