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Despite overwhelming support for keeping Medicare intact, House Republicans continue to support Ryan's proposed Medicare plan, a fiscal plan that ends Medicare as we know it. Ryan's Medicare Plan would end the Medicare guarantee and replace it with a voucher program. The Congressional Budget Office calculated that an approximate $6,400 increase in annual out-of-pocket health care costs for seniors by 2022 if the Ryan Medicare Plan were to be enacted.

Medicare has provided access to quality health care for America's seniors and people with disabilities for the last 47 years. The Affordable Care Act strengthens and protects Medicare while providing important benefits such as free preventive services, free annual wellness visits, and a 50% discount on prescription drugs for Medicare recipients in in the coverage gap known as the "donut hole". Over 62,684 people in the 37th District rely on health care services provided by Medicare. So far this year, 3,200 seniors in our district have received prescription drug discounts worth $1.5 million, an average discount of $460 per senior.

The Ryan Medicare Plan focuses on a system that benefits a few while the rest of Americans gets dealt an unfair hand. Instead of ending Medicare, Medicare should be preserved and strengthened so that it may be available for future generations.

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