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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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Americans have put their dollars and trust into Social Security, and deserve their promised benefits when they retire. Social Security and Medicare didn't cause our national debt, and cutting these programs will not fix our economic problems.

No domestic program in our history has been more successful than Social Security. This program has helped millions of Americans stay out of poverty, and the money has come from workers themselves and employers. These are not "hand-outs;" Social Security is self-funded.

In Congress, I will oppose any attempt to reduce Social Security or balance the budget at the expense of our seniors.

Social Security should remain a protected benefit. Slashing benefits or raising the retirement eligibility age would put millions of seniors in financial danger and would penalize those who have been paying into the system their entire working lives.

My opponent and other politicians are calling for these reductions in Social Security benefits. Some of these schemes include the privatization of Social Security, which would remove the economic security it is supposed to provide for our citizens. These types of actions are not responsible.

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