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Tribute to Ohio Veterans

Location: Washington DC

Nov. 16, 2004


Mr. DeWINE. Mr. President, on May 29, 2004-coinciding with the dedication of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC-World War II veterans, their families, and their friends gathered at the Don Gentile American Legion Post 532 in Columbus, OH to honor their comrades who fought bravely in World War II.

Fifty veterans attended the service where they were honored by a crowd of more than 500. Guest speakers included Columbus Dispatch columnist Mike Hardin, Post 532 commander Ray Papp, and Isabella Gentile Beitman, the Post namesake's widow. Memorabilia was displayed throughout Post 532, area ROTC units paraded, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra provided the music. Following the memorial garden dedication, military planes conducted a fly-by. Additionally, each veteran received a framed certificate with the Memorial picture and an angel pin, signifying how our veterans are truly guardian angels.

The Post 532 members' hard work made this service possible, and I would like to personally thank auxiliary secretary, Gladys Caudill, who registered more than 300 World War II veterans for their inclusion in the National Registry. These efforts and the dedication ceremony are fitting reminders of the sacrifices these brave men and women made for our freedom-sacrifices that have shaped all of our lives, our children's lives, and the lives of our grandchildren. I thank them for all they have done for us so that we may continue to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness-all because of their efforts some 60 years ago.

I would like to honor the members of Post 532 by printing their names in the RECORD. They selflessly fought for our Nation in World War II, I remember them and honor them at this time.

Members of Post 532 Branch Hometown
Acocella, Guydon Navy Columbus, OH
Albrecht, Richard Navy Columbus, OH
Arrasmith, James Navy Columbus, OH
Bailey, Carl Air Force Columbus, OH
Barker, Robert Army Fairmont, WV
Bartoe, Oral Jr. Air Force Logan, WV
Bauer, Chester Air Force Albert, TX
Bauman, Ray Army Lancaster, OH
Beitman, Jesse Air Force Baltimore, MD
Berg, Omer Navy Columbus, OH
Boggs, John Navy Hilliard, OH
Bricker, Paul Navy Uhrichsville, OH
Brown, Harry Army Barnesville, OH
Bryant, Jack Army Columbus, OH
Buhacevich, Milton Navy Columbus, OH
Burchfield, Leo Air Force Columbus, OH
Callarik, George Army Bridgeport, OH
Callif, George Marines Columbus, OH
Carpenter, Elmer Ellworth Army Hopewell, KY
Carter, Clyde Navy Columbus, OH
Cavanaugh, Thomas Navy Columbus, OH
Chase, Thomas Army Columbus, OH
Compton, Edward Navy Columbus, OH
Connor, Phillip Navy Logan, OH
Cox, Raymond Army Wash. Ct. House, OH
Cramer, Charles Air Force Columbus, OH
Crites, Robert Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Curtiss, Richard (deceased) Navy Columbus, OH
Davis, Delbert (Nick) Navy Thurman, OH
DelCeillo, Vito Army Columbus, OH
Delia, Joseph Marines New York, NY
Diebold, Robert Marines Newark, OH
Dillon, Howard Navy Columbus, OH
Donnelly, William Jr. Army Junction City, OH
Douglas, Russell Army New Lexington, OH
Driscoll, Ray Navy Columbus, OH
Dymek, Joseph Army Columbus, OH
Edwards, Harold Navy Columbus, OH
Eilerman, Cletus Navy Sidney, OH
Eiselstein, Jack Army Columbus, OH
[Page S11361]
Emrick, Frank Army New Straitsville, OH
Estep, James Army Huntington, WV
Evans, Robert Navy Columbus, OH
Fickle, Glenn (deceased) Army Columbus, OH
Fisher, William Army Columbus, OH
Fitzpatrick, T. J. Army W. Prestonburg, KY
Flichia, Gus Navy Columbus, OH
Foresman, Earl Army Columbus, OH
Francis, Joseph Army Logan, OH
Frazee, Jack Army Dayton, OH
Fultz, Russell Army Columbus, OH
Gallagher, Paul Air Force Columbus, OH
Ganczak, Richard Air Force Buffalo, NY
Geiszler, George Navy Columbus, OH
Gibson, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Gill, Merrill Army Columbus, OH
Goldhardt, William Navy Grove City, OH
Graves, Victor Army Columbus, OH
Gray, Richard Air Force Columbus, OH
Green, Clyde Navy Madison, OH
Greer, James Army Columbus, OH
Griffiths, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Griggs, Benjamin Sr. U.S. Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Grinstead, Roy Army Columbus, OH
Hankison, Franklin (Hank) Navy Columbus, OH
Hatzer, Sheldon Army Columbus, OH
Haycook, Joseph Marines Columbus, OH
Heise, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Hemmer, Paul Air Force Indianapolis, IN
Herderick, George Army Columbus, OH
Hinzey, Charles Navy Detroit, MI
Hirn, Joseph Navy Columbus, OH
Hoenie, Arthur (deceased) Army Columbus, OH
Hopwood, Harry Navy Columbus, OH
Immel, Phillip Jr. Navy Columbus, OH
Johnson, Richard Army Columbus, OH
Johnson, William Navy Columbus, OH
Johnston, Raymond Navy Columbus, OH
Jones, Charles (Chuck) Navy Columbus, OH
Justice, Oscar Army Pikeville, KY
Kazee, Henry Army Ashland, KY
Keckley, Harry Army Utica, OH
Keller, Kenneth Marines Jackson, OH
Kelley, Edward Air Force Columbus, OH
Kelly, Kenel Army Columbus, OH
Kent, Willard Army Ethel, WV
Kerber, John Navy Columbus, OH
Kerchmar, Carl Navy Elyria, OH
Kincade, Howard Army Columbus, OH
Kinney, Otis Jr. Army Columbus, OH
Kirby, James Navy Columbus, OH
Kline, Francis Air Force Columbus, OH
Knapp, Donald Army Obetz, OH
Knight, Lake (Shorty) Army Columbus, OH
Krebs, Henry Navy Columbus, OH
Krizinski, Roman Air Force Dowagiac, MI
Kueterman, Harold Air Force Versailles, OH
Landes, Leo Jr. Air Force Columbus, OH
Large, Thomas Sr. Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Larue, Leah Fox WAC Boise, Idaho
Lash, Homer Navy NW Canton, OH
Lavinger, Joe Navy Bethlehem, PA
Lawler, Joseph Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Lease, Harry Jr. Army Belfontaine, OH
Lehman, Robert Army Mansfield, OH
Lewis, James Navy Columbus, OH
Lowther, Robert Jr. Navy Columbus, OH
Luke, Arthur Navy Pittsburgh, PA
Lusk, Mike Air Force Cambridge, OH
Lyons, Joseph Army Columbus, OH
Madden, Robert Navy Chillicothe, OH
Markham, Howard Army Columbus, OH
Marmon, Boyd Army Columbus, OH
Martin, Ralph Marines Columbus, OH
Maue, Joseph Army Dayton, OH
McGrail, John Jr. Air Force Columbus, OH
Mertens, John Navy Columbus, OH
Michalzuk, Daniel Navy Columbus, OH
Milburn, Keith Navy Anderson, IN
Miller, Carl Navy Columbus, OH
Miller, Eugene Army Bee, VA
Miller, George Air Force Martins Ferry, OH
Miller, Robert Lee Navy Canal Winchester, OH
Minnix, Robert Navy Columbus, OH
Montoney, Jack Sr. Navy Columbus, OH
Moore, Charles Air Force Delaware, OH
Morse, Harold (Hal) Army Columbus, OH
Murphy, Donald Navy Columbus, OH
Murphy, John Navy Clifton, NJ
Murphy, Lon Army Glen Alum, WV
Nelson, Thearl Air Force Omar, WV
Nolan, Westland Navy Columbus, OH
Notturiano, Darwin Navy Columbus, OH
Notturiano, Rudy Army Columbus, OH
OBryan, John Navy Louisville, KY
Ocker, Reed Navy Scranton, Iowa
Parr, Robert Army Mansfield, OH
Parsley, Wilson Army Crum, WV
Pemwell, Harvey Jr. Navy Springfield, OH
Perry, Chester Merchant Marines Columbus, OH
Phillips, Robert (Bob) Air Force Ironton, OH
Powers, William Jr. Air Force London, OH
Quivey, Charles Merchant Marines Middleport, OH
Rains, Charles Sr. Army Columbus, OH
Randolph, John Navy Crooksville, OH
Rice, Lou Navy Columbus, OH
Roberts, Bernard Air Force Jeanette, PA
Roberts, Raymond Lee Sr. Navy Columbus, OH
Sanfillipo, Joseph Jr. Navy Columbus, OH
Sarto, William Army Lore City, OH
Schellhaas, Edwin Army Grove City, OH
Schnitzer, Frederick Navy Mount Vernon, OH
[Page S11362]
Schreck, Margaret Army Hilliard, OH
Schreck, Victor Army Marienthal, KS
Scott, Ivan Navy Columbus, OH
Shank, Stephen Navy Glendale, PA
Sharpe, Gerald Army Columbus, OH
Shea, John Navy Columbus, OH
Shirley, Frank Army Ieager, WV
Siniff, R. Edward Army Columbus, OH
Sipe, William Jr. (Bill) Army Columbus, OH
Smith, Clyde Navy Columbus, OH
Smith, Harold Army Columbus, OH
Smith, Lawrence Army Columbus, OH
Snedegar, Garland Army Dayton, OH
Sottovia, Virginia WAC, Army Manchester, OH
Souders, Albert Army Columbus, OH
Stafford, Victor Army Columbus, OH
Stange, Robert Army Grove City, OH
Stauch, Donald Army Columbus, OH
Steiner, John Army Bellaire, OH
Stephenson, Charles Navy Ironton, OH
Stewart, Richard Air Force Wellston, OH
Susi, Arthur Sr. Marines Columbus, OH
Swain, Lindsay Navy Columbus, OH
Taylor, Archie Navy Loudenville, OH
Taylor, Robert Air Force Columbus, OH
Terman, Robert Navy Columbus, OH
Thomas, Donald Army Cheshire, OH
Thomas, Earnest Army Columbus, OH
Thompson, John (Wiltshire) Navy Columbus, OH
Tonti, Edward Army Columbus, OH
Townsend, Delbert Army Columbus, OH
Tracy, Martin Navy & Marines Columbus, OH
Triffon, Manuel Army Columbus, OH
Tuttle, Harold Army Columbus, OH
Underdown, Guy Army St. Clairesville, OH
Vagnier, John Air Force Lancaster, OH
Verne, Stephen Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Vawters, Howard Navy Columbus, OH
Wade, Kenneth Army Galloway, OH
Walker, John Air Force Gallia, OH
Walls, Howard Army Pittsburgh, PA
Walters, Howell Army Columbus, OH
Warren, Charles Army Athens, OH
Weaver, Fred Army Columbus, OH
Wells, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Wihl, Lewis Navy Columbus, OH
Wiley, Paul Army Columbus, OH
Williams, Charles Army Columbus, OH
Willis, Richard Sr. Coast Guard Columbus, OH
Woehrle, John Navy Columbus, OH
Wolfe, John Navy New Lexington, OH
Yates, Tony Air Force Pittsburgh, PA
Yoder, Leroy Coast Guard Marion, OH
Non-members or Deceased:
Acocella, Pat Army Columbus, OH
Amspoker, Richard Leo Army Columbus, OH
Anderson, Howard Army Waverly, OH
Ballengee, Sherman Sr. Marines Reed, WV
Bartoe, Robert Army Logan, WV
Bennett, Paul Army West Jefferson, OH
Beougher, Howard Air Force Columbus, OH
Bonham, Gerald Marines Galloway, OH
Bowling, Richard Army Memphis, TN
Bowling, Walter Carl Navy Columbus, OH KIA
Brogan, Bernie Army Rainelle, WV
Brooks, Walter Navy Columbus, OH MIA
Brown, Paul Army Huntington, WV
Carter, Dave Army London, OH
Clark, Duane Marines Columbus, OH
Clifford, Charlie Army Columbus, OH
Clifford, Jack Air Force Columbus, OH
Cole, Howard Alton Navy Preston, MD KIA
Cole, Kenneth Hynson Army Preston, MD
Cole, Leonard Francis Army Preston, MD
Corbett, Joseph Army Crooksville, OH
Cosgrove, James Navy Columbus, OH
Cosgrove, John Army Columbus, OH
Cosgrove, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Crown, Sam Navy Columbus, OH MIA
Capuano, Patsy Army Columbus, OH
Daum, Ray Army Columbus, OH
DeWeese, Albert Army Ripley, WV
Divney, Don Air Force Columbus, OH
Divney, James Army Marion, OH
Divney, Raymond Army Columbus, OH
Domrose, Richard Wm Air Force Oak Harbor, OH
Domrose, Ramone George Army Oak Harbor, OH
Edwards, Harold Coast Guard Oak Hill, OH
Estep, Walter Army Delaware, OH
Farrand, Larry Navy Columbus, OH
Flick, Stanley Navy Wooster, OH
Follmer, Edward Army Columbus, OH
Gentile, Dominic (Don) Air Force Piqua, OH
Get z , George Jr. Army Columbus, OH
Goldhardt, Richard Army Georgesville, OH
Griggs, Mary (Buckler) Auxiliary Columbus, OH
Griggs, Dorel Dobbins Navy Columbus, OH
Griggs, John Robert Marines Columbus, OH
Griggs, Stanley Evans Mer.Mar./Army Columbus, OH
Griggs, Jack Army Columbus, OH
Griggs, Charles Ernest Navy Columbus, OH
Hammock, Wilbur Air Force Columbus, OH
Hammond, Clarence Navy Ironton, OH
Hammond, Lawrence Army Ironton, OH
Hartley, Paul Army Stoutsville, OH
Haverfield, Frank Army Evanston, IL
Horton, Richard Navy Columbus, OH
Ingles, Goble Army McDermott, OH
Jamison, Robert Air Force Columbus, OH
Jubeck, Jack Air Force Pittsburgh, PA
Knisley, Earl Army Columbus, OH
Knisley, Hal Richard Army Columbus, OH
[Page S11363]
Knisley, Jesse Army Columbus, OH
Lester, Quinten Army Kentucky
Mace, Jacob Andrew Navy West Virginia
McCleese, Daniel Scott Air Force Columbus, OH
McLane, Paul Navy Elmira, NY
Monroe, George Army Columbus, OH
Morse, Fred Army Columbus, OH
Moore, Keith Navy Columbus, OH
Norton, Naldo Navy Columbus, OH
Oestreicher, Frank Air Force Columbus, OH
Overturf, James Army Columbus, OH
Papp, Frank Jr. Army Columbus, OH
Papp, John Army Columbus, OH
Papp, Joseph Air Force Columbus, OH
Pearce, Charles Army Radcliff, OH
Perry, John Wm. Marines Fredricktown, MO
Ponthier, Ory Air Force Bossier City, LA
Pritchard, Joe Army Westerville, OH
Rankin, William Navy Columbus, OH
Rinehart, Robert Army Columbus, OH
Roush, George Army Mason City, WV
Russo, Lawrence Navy Columbus, OH
Salmons, Anderson Army Hamden, OH
Sanders, Ralph Army Plain City, OH
Shea, James Army Columbus, OH
Sisson, Kenneth Navy Columbus, OH
Smith, Sherwood Army Rome, NY
Snider, Fred Army Columbus, OH
Sottovia, William Air Force Brockport, PA
Stein (Gregory) Army Nurse West Pittson, PA
Stratton, Jack Harry, Jr. Navy Raymond, OH
Sullivan, John Navy Elmira, NY
Tarquino, Anthony Air Force Columbus, OH
Taylor, Virgil Army Columbus, OH
Walls, Henry Navy Columbus, OH
Wharton, Paul Navy Columbus, OH
Wherrity, Eugene USN/MC Mauch Chunk, PA
Williams, Paul Navy Columbus, OH
Zervis, Roy Navy Hamden, OH

Those in attendance at the WWII celebration day not listed above: Bennett, Paul; Dawson, Donald; Griggs, Carl; Landman, William; Pennell, George (Duke); Puchovich, Jordan; Stevens, Harold; Watson, Leland.

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