Gridlock is Getting in the Way


By:  Brad Schneider
Date: Sept. 4, 2012
Location: Northbrook, IL

Throughout this campaign, the number one concern that I hear from people across the district is that Congress "isn't getting anything done." We put this ad together as a summary of this issue and what we will do to turn things around. All of the bickering has drowned out any consideration of the even-keeled, common-sense policies we need to rebuild the middle class, make college more affordable, and make health care more accessible.

We've been lacking sensibility in Congress for too long. There's simply nothing sensible about wasting $50 million in taxpayer money on 80 hours of debate, voting 33 times to symbolically repeal the Affordable Care Act. And there's nothing reasonable about opposing basic workplace protections for all Americans or voting to end the Medicare guarantee, replacing it with an expensive voucher. Yet, that's exactly what my opponent and his Tea Party allies have done during his term in office.

It's time to move beyond the partisan bickering and gridlock. The issues before us are complex and challenging, and the only way we can tackle them is together. That's the approach I've used for more than 25 years helping small businesses succeed, and it's the same levelheaded approach I'll bring to Washington. What you see is what you get.

I hope you enjoy the ad.


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