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Fighting for Americans' Top Priorities: Jobs & the Economy


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Plain and simple, Congress' focus must be Americans' top priorities -- job creation and spurring our economy. While it may be hard to believe, we have bipartisan agreement on multiple pieces of legislation to address both challenges. Along with my Democratic colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee, I've introduced a number of these broadly supported bills recently.

Unfortunately, the Republican House Majority has not brought them to the floor for a vote. Similarly, we have not been given the chance to vote on "Make it in America" legislation that would bring manufacturing jobs back to the East Bay from overseas and incentivize our manufacturers to hire local workers, produce American goods, and continue to grow and innovate.

Importantly, each of these bills is paid for by repealing tax breaks for the big five oil companies.

Several of these bills are listed below:

Build America Bonds Act (H.R. 6206) - This legislation spurs job creation and helps our economy by providing financing assistance for state and local infrastructure projects. This program is a proven success. It recently brought essential funding to the East Bay, including $84 million for school improvements in the Hayward School District, $1.5 billion in highway improvements for the Bay Area Toll Authority, and $400 million in water utility improvements for the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

For funding like this to continue, we must pass legislation extending the program.

Bring Jobs Home Act (H.R. 6152) -- This legislation helps bring jobs back to the U.S. from overseas by providing tax credits to businesses that "insource" while eliminating tax breaks for companies when they outsource American jobs.

The American Advanced Energy Manufacturing Jobs Act of 2012 (H.R. 6182) -- This legislation helps increase the number of U.S. clean energy manufacturing projects by expanding the tax credit for companies that manufacture solar, fuel cell, and battery products. This would ensure that we keep green jobs in the East Bay, not send them overseas to countries like China.

Hire Now Act of 2012 (H.R. 6030) -- This legislation encourages hiring by providing a 10 percent tax credit to firms that create new jobs for middle class workers or give raises to their existing workers.

I will keep fighting for these commonsense bills to address our country's most pressing issue: job creation and getting our fragile economy on sound footing.

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