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Making Albany Accountable Again

For decades, New York was mired in dysfunction that hurt its citizens and made our state the punch line to too many jokes. Despite Governor Andrew Cuomo's successes so far, there is still a lot of work to do to get New York back on track. After all, one good year doesn't erase the harm done by decades of dysfunction. We deserve nothing less than the most ethical, honest, and accountable state government in the nation.

Finally Reforming Campaign Finance

I believe that the source of most, if not all, of the abuses of political power stem from the presence of too much money in the system. Some elected officials amass most of their hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from corporations and PACs, diluting the influence of individual voters. With campaign finance reform, we can protect the integrity of our democracy and create a fair playing field. That's why I will work to lower contribution limits and create a statewide system of publicly-financed elections, similar to that in place in New York City.

Demanding Accountability for Our Tax Dollars

Over the last few years, New Yorkers have had to read too many news stories about politicians who misuse tax dollars for their own personal and political gain. Some officials have rightfully been jailed, but many abuses remain legal despite how obviously wrong they are. If we can't create a transparent system that shines light on who requests and receives state funds, we shouldn't be doling them out at all. I'll fight to tighten the rules on government funding, so we stop the growing trend of tax dollars being directed to politicians' friends and partisan organizations.

Restoring Responsive Government

We elect our representatives to be our voice in state government on issues facing our community and our state. That means that before they can speak for us they have to listen to everyone, not just their friends. It also means that citizens need to play an active role in setting government priorities.

When I'm elected, I will host town halls in every community and hold open office hours regularly. I plan to create citizens' committees to study local issues and present ideas for legislation, including participatory budgeting, which gives the public a strong say in how their money is spent.

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