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ACT Tomorrow to Pass FISA Amendments

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DANIEL E. LUNGREN of California. Madam Speaker, today, September 11, 2012, is a beautiful day outside. The sun's in the cloudless sky, much like it was 11 years ago.

We remember those tragic criminal terrorist acts. We remember the heroism of those who responded. But there's something we can do more than just remember. There's something we can do in addition to the prayers that we offer. We can act tomorrow to pass the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act amendments which allow us to respond to the criticism rendered by the 9/11 Commission, that is, that we did not do enough to connect the dots of intelligence to warn us about that attack and future attacks.

The FISA amendments allow us to connect the dots so we can analyze those dots, so we can bring the intelligence to bear, so that we can protect our people with the courage and the bravery of those men and women who are in uniform, guided by the intelligence that we collect and that we apply. It is as strong a statement as we can make this week to ensure that we do not blind our eyes to that which is out there that may threaten us.

Let us work together in a bipartisan basis to pass that, and let us give those tools that are necessary to protect us.

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