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Congressman Nunnelee on the National Debt, Jobs Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) released the following statement in response to the news that America has topped $16 trillion in debt and the jobs report released today showing unemployment stuck above 8% for the 43rd consecutive month:

"While the President gives grand speeches the economy continues to struggle. Last night he never once mentioned the results of his first term. This administration has expanded the power of the bureaucracy by piling new regulations onto the private sector and spending more money we don't have. It has failed this country.

The news this morning that 368,000 Americans left the labor force and our workforce participation rate is the lowest since 1981 is the latest proof that we must change course. If we do not, we will leave America a weaker, less prosperous, and less free place than we found it."

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