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Teresa Hensley Remarks Commomerating Labor Day


Location: Unknown

Today, Cass County Prosecutor and Fourth District congressional candidate Teresa Hensley issued the following statement to commemorate Labor Day.

"When I was growing up in the 60′s and 70′s, my dad was a plumber. He worked outside everyday, never missing work whether it was 110 degrees or 10 degrees below zero. Dad knew that working hard meant he could pay his mortgage, put food on the table, gas in his car, and save for my college tuition. I never heard my parents worry about whether they could afford to send me to the doctor or whether we might lose our home.

"Today things are different. My brother is an ironworker. He found my dad's pay stub and was shocked that his paycheck is only $200 more a week than my dad's from 38 years ago, but his mortgage is 10 times what my dad paid.

"I believe we need to do more to level the playing field for America's working families. Our economic policies have become too heavily weighted toward those at the top and big corporations.

"We need to create good jobs that pay a good wage and allow our workers to rely on a solid retirement and health care when they are seniors.

"On this day, Labor Day, it's important that we reaffirm our commitment to those priorities."

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