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Blog: Why Mitt Romney is the Right Choice for President


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I know that Mitt Romney is the right choice for President. He knows how to run a business. More importantly, he knows how to lead a nation. Mitt is the kind of tireless, smart leader our country needs. There are tough choices to be made. In fact, some of them will be painful for us as a nation. But Mitt will not shrink from making those choices. We can all be sure that he will include us all in the process of decision making. Mitt will welcome our input and our opinions. But in the end he will lead.

He and his Vice Presidential running mate Paul Ryan have a vision for America that will get our economy back on track and our spending under control. They know that we can't continue to spend money that we don't have. They also understand that we can't impose huge tax increases on the very people who will get our economy moving again - the job creators.

In 2008 Americans voted for a young politician who promised the country "hope and change." He said he would unite our nation, and transform America. Unfortunately, Americans have become disillusioned with his promises. People began to realize that words alone were not enough to get the job done that our nation so desperately needs. Being a likable, cool guy who can make a good speech wasn't enough. Our nation desperately needs a leader - a person with the experience to turn our economy around.

Once we are able to relax the numerous regulations that stifle economic growth, and repeal Obamacare, we will give small businesses the stability they need to create jobs and move our economy forward. As soon as we begin to create jobs, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will begin the tough task of cutting government spending, balancing the federal budget, and reducing our massive debt.

Mitt Romney is the right man to lead America out of this economic nightmare.

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