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Record Eagle - Benishek Speaks at GOP Convention

News Article

Location: Unknown

By George Weeks

U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, was one of 15 Republican House incumbents or candidates who had two-minute speaking slots at opening of the Republican National Convention Tuesday in Tampa. Two Senate candidates also spoke.

More than the other 15, Benishek was interrupted by cheers and chants from his state's delegation. "Go, Dan, Go!" was chanted as he made such statements as, "People from Northern Michigan are tough. We don't give up when times are hard. Like you, we will keep working to protect the American Dream, and to ensure our best days are yet to come."

Benishek said: "I know our nation is facing enormous challenges. Unemployment is far too high. We have a nearly $16 trillion debt. It's hard for Michigan families to make ends meet. But I believe we can fix these problems by staying true to what has always made this country great: individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government."

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