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Visits with Farmers, Small Businesses and Clergy Members


Location: Traverse City, MI

Dr. Dan Benishek continued his "House calls with Dr. Dan," tour of Northern Michigan today, on which he is traveling throughout Northern Michigan hosting town hall meetings, visiting with veterans and seniors, as well as touring small businesses and farms. Today, in the Alpena area, Dr. Dan visited several small businesses and met with area seniors and local clergy.

"One of Northern Michigan's largest exports is our children and that is not right," said Dr. Benishek. "We need an economy that can support our families and give them the same chance we had at the American Dream. Right now our economy is still sluggish because of the failed policies coming out of Washington. During my "House calls with Dr. Dan," tour of Northern Michigan I have met with many local farmers and business owners and most of them say the same three things are holding them back--the overzealous regulations, the uncertain tax code and the job killing new healthcare law. The good news is that these issues are fixable, we just need Washington to listen."

This morning Dr. Benishek held a meet and greet with local farmers at Werth Farm. The meeting was a way for Dr. Benishek to thank the farmers for their endorsement and to find out ways that he can help limit the role of government in their industry.

"For agriculture to be successful you need good land, proper weather and hardworking people. Luckily for Northern Michigan we have three," said Dr. Dan. "That is why we are able to have such a strong agricultural sector of our economy, and I plan on doing all I can to keep it strong."

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