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Issue Position: Make Health Care Affordable for the Long Term

Issue Position

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We must repeal Obamacare in its Entirety. This bureaucratic big government entitlement was the coming out party for President Obama and his Socialist Agenda, which was facilitated by Reformism Congressman like Eliot Engel and Nancy Pelosi who have been attacking our liberties along the fringes for the better part of the last 3 decades. It took a good and viable healthcare system that was way too expensive and made it into a more costly one that is unmanageable and mediocre at best. Below are just a few of the reasons it needs to be repealed:

It doesn't increase care for anyone, but instead gives them a worthless insurance policy, while driving Doctors out of private practice and into retirement; hospitals or cash only practices which will drive up healthcare costs; require the newly formed death panel to ration care; and squash innovation by Doctors and ultimately provide worse healthcare to a larger portion of the U.S.
It guts $500 Billion from an already underfunded Medicare System while placing 20% of the now doubled cost of the bill on the 5% of the population of the U.S. that lives in the Tristate Area.

It imposes an unconstitutional mandate to individuals to buy insurance they may not want, while giving over 1500 exemptions to Unions and other big contributors to the Democratic Party simply because they contributed.

It imposes an unconstitutional mandate against Religious Conscience on Religious Groups that help provide over 20% of both healthcare and education in the U.S.

We need to unleash market-based forces through tort reform, re-establishing service based fees and allowing competition across state lines so that health care improves while costs go down. We need to repeal the incendiary laws that create a bureaucracy of regulations that a Dr. is more likely to runaway from than risk running afoul of. We need to re-establish the Doctor patient relationship sans government intrusion and attorneys profiteering.

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