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Blog : Saving the Rural Post Office


Location: Unknown

There is much chatter about the demise of the postal service. This does not have to be the case. The postal service is an amazing public good, one authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

While there are many ideas floating around, one Congress can and must do is remove the undue burdens it has placed on the United States Postal Service.

Congress has imposed a burden on the Postal Service that no other public agency or private company in America faces--the obligation to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. And Congress made this nearly impossible by requiring the Postal Service, which doesn't receive a dime of taxpayer money, to pre-fund 75 years into the future.

In Congress, I will push to remove this unfair burden from the USPS. There are plenty of challenges without Congress piling on. The postal service is a life-line for many rural businesses and many rural consumers. Efforts to shut down smaller rural post offices will disproportionally many rural areas in Wyoming and throughout the United States. It becomes incumbent upon Wyoming's representatives to become the champions of such rural interests.

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