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Pelosi Statement on August Jobs Report


Location: San Francisco, CA

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Labor Department announced that the economy added 96,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent in August. With private businesses adding 103,000 jobs, this marks the 30th month of private sector job growth with 4.6 million private sector jobs created:

"This week, President Obama and Democrats articulated a clear choice for Americans, and with today's jobs report we must keep moving forward for jobs and a stronger middle class. But Republicans keep standing in the way of growth and certainty for our economy.

"Congressional Democrats and President Obama have put our plans on the table -- to invest in manufacturers, small businesses, tax cuts for working families, and America's infrastructure. Republicans have offered only obstruction and delay. Republicans continue to hold middle income tax cuts hostage to extra tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas. Indeed, the only obstacles between the middle class and tax relief are House Republicans.

"Democrats are committed to reigniting the American dream, removing barriers to success and building ladders of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard, play by the rules, and take responsibility. We must strengthen the pillars that have always made our economy succeed: small businesses, entrepreneurs, and a thriving middle class. And we have work to do."

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