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Public Statements - Congresswoman Baldwin Talks Manufacturing During Stop

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Location: Unknown

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The economy was the focus of Congresswoman and U.S. Senate Candidate Tammy Baldwin when she visited Chippewa Falls Friday.

The democrat got a tour of W.S. Darley & Company, which manufactures fire pump and firefighting equipment. Baldwin says she's focusing her campaign on lifting the middle class up by strengthening Wisconsin's manufacturing base.

She will take on republican Tommy Thompson in November. The senate seat has been held by a democrat for about 50 years, but Baldwin says she isn't worried about keeping up that trend.

She told us Friday "I don't think people are going to think about party when they walk into the polling place but who's fighting for me? Who's going to go to Washington, D.C. as my next U.S. senator and I can be confident that that person is fighting for me, and that's me."

Thompson says he's ready to get the seat back under republican control and get America back on track.

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