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Issue Position: Balance The Budget

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Families across northern New Mexico work on a budget. If you can balance your checkbook, the United States Congress should be able to as well. The federal government should not be spending more money than it has coming in. Our country has racked up a near insurmountable $15 trillion debt that was created by both Republicans and Democrats.

The federal government must work on a balanced budget that will allow us to begin paying back our debt. If left unchecked, our country could be in serious trouble. I have gone on record saying we need a balanced budget amendment that forces the United States Congress to spend no more than it has coming in to the coffers. The United States Congress has a job to do in passing the budget, but they have failed to pass a budget in 3 years. If you and I haven't been doing our job, we don't get paid. I support not paying our Congressional leaders if they do not pass a budget and fulfill their constitutional duties.

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