Issue Position: Support New Mexico Energy

Issue Position

By:  Jeff Byrd
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Energy is a national security issue. We spend way too much money buying energy from countries that don't like us, when we could be spending that money right here in the United States of America. An "all of the above" America First energy plan would create millions of jobs around the country and thousands of jobs right here in New Mexico.

I support America's independence from foreign sources of energy and support America's dependence on New Mexico energy. There is no reason why New Mexico cannot be the energy capitol of the United States and no reason why northern New Mexico cannot play a vital role in making that happen. Oil and natural gas make up the foundation of our energy sector.

By introducing new technologies and allowing companies to invest in new research, we can add clean coal, mining, wind, solar, and nuclear energies to the equation once they become affordable. I support an "all of the above" energy plan that works to create new jobs while using new technology and best past practices to ensure the safety of our water supply and our people.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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