$16 Trillion!!!

Press Release

By:  Kurt Bills
Date: Sept. 4, 2012
Location: Bloomington, MN

Sometime today the US national debt exceeded $16 TRILLION.

That would be enough stacked dollar bills to go to the moon. And back to earth. And to the moon again. And back. And then almost to the moon again. Two and a half round trips.

Two and a half round trips to the moon, just in dollar bills stacked together.

Amy Klobuchar in the last six years has voted for spending almost $8 trillion of that debt herself.

"You, I, our children and grandchildren will have to pay off the debt that Amy Klobuchar voted for," said Kurt Bills, Republican candidate for US Senate.

"To hear Amy tell it, she was a passive bystander while congress went on a spending binge racking up trillions of debt. Nothing could be further from the truth. She voted for it. She owns it. Unfortunately, future generations will be paying for it," said Bills.

When Klobuchar was elected the US national debt was $8.6 trillion. In 2006 Klobuchar campaigned against the Bush budget deficit, which at the time was about ¼ the size of today's deficit. Since Klobuchar was elected, the national debt has nearly doubled and the deficit is 6 times as high.

"Amy Klobuchar represents everything that is wrong with Washington politics. She mortgages our children's and grandchildren's future, and then blames everybody else when things go wrong."

"Is it any wonder that our economy is in trouble?" asked Bills.

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