CNN - Michele Bachmann on Mitt Romney's Popularity Among Women Voters, Paul Ryan and the Best Speech of Tuesday Night

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By:  Michele Bachmann
Date: Aug. 29, 2012
Location: Tampa, FL

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Piers Morgan joined Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann on the convention floor and talked about everything from the convention speakers to the latest polls. The most recent polls show Mitt Romney losing in the popularity battle for women voters against Barack Obama. "You've gotta aggregate the data," Bachmann explained, "because if you look at it, married women tend to support Mitt Romney more, single women tend to support Barack Obama more."

Bachmann added that Romney's policies will definitely benefit married women:

"Mitt Romney's going to make life a lot more affordable. He's gonna bring prices down and that's really good for women because women do a lot of the shopping in families."

The former presidential candidate also weighed in on Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan. She says Ryan's "insider expertise, knowing the budget better than anyone else on Capitol Hill" is a great asset to the GOP ticket. Looking forward to Ryan's big speech tonight, Bachmann thinks the vice presidential candidate will "talk about the way forward and how we are going to make America a growth economy."

"That's what we need," said Bachmann. "We've been stagnant to falling [economically] and Paul has a great plan for seeing us grow."

Also, last night's speeches by both New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mitt Romney's wife Ann Romney were fresh on Bachmann's mind and although Christie successfully talked about "big ideas" and "principles of who we are in this country and who we are as conservatives," Bachmann felt that the "night belonged to Ann Romney."

"She won us with her smile, the second she came out," beamed Bachmman. "What you see on stage is what you get. That is Ann Romney and she's just a delightful person."

Tune in to "Piers Morgan Tonight" live at midnight as Morgan continues his coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

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