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Protecting our Promise


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Today is the 77th Anniversary of the day that Franklin Roosevelt signed Social Security into law, yet some Republican politicians are still trying to privatize it.

You read that right.

Paul Ryan, the GOP nominee for Vice President, introduced a bill to create "Social Security choice," encouraging millions to walk away from Social Security, and leave our seniors out in the cold.

I promise to fight these foolish schemes to privatize Social Security, but I need your help to do it. Please stand with me and donate $25, $50 or $77 today to help send me to Congress.

Fifty-four million Americans rely on Social Security every day. They paid into it, and were promised a dignified retirement, but now that promise could be broken. And Paul Ryan isn't the only politician who has proposed privatization.

According to the Arizona Republic, my opponent for Congress, Andrei Cherny "called for partial privatization of Social Security in one of his books." Cherny now denies it, but if we don't elect someone with the consistent courage to stand up against the privatizers, our seniors' retirement could be in great jeopardy.

I need your support to get to Congress and protect Social Security. Please donate $25, $50 or $77 today to help send me to Congress.


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