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Bill Nelson Dances the Night Away in Charlotte While His Stimulus Programs and ObamaCare Send National Debt Soaring to Over $16 Trillion

Press Release

Location: Miami, FL

As Bill Nelson and his fellow Lockstep Liberals tragically celebrate their failures this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, their legacy of big government policies will climax when the national debt of the United States surpasses $16 trillion tonight.

"It was the opening act of a tragedy in our Republic when Bill Nelson applauded his beloved Barack Obama in front of the Greek columns in Denver in 2008," said Congressman Connie Mack. "Now four years later our very way of life is literally on the road to Greece and Bill Nelson has the audacity to waltz a night away in Charlotte to celebrate. Clearly, he continues to ignore the storm on the horizon that threatens our freedom, our national security, and our way of life as our national debt passes $16 trillion," said Mack.

Mack added: "The Nelson-Obama policies from ObamaCare, to stimulus spending, to recently raising taxes on small businesses will have left us with a debt of $16 trillion, 42 months of unemployment over 8%, a marketplace that cannot plan for the future, and Bill Nelson even suggesting ObamaCare would somehow lower the deficit.

"Raising taxes, raising the debt ceiling, and borrowing more money from China is not how we bring back the American economy. Fundamental change is needed in Washington, and for 40 years Bill Nelson has exhibited no fiscal restraint when he voted 17 times to raise the debt ceiling in order to fund his liberal, big government programs. Enough is enough."

Since taking office in 2005, Congressman Connie Mack has voted against raising the debt ceiling seven times, even breaking with his own party. Since Bill Nelson came to Congress in 1979, the debt has increased over 2,000%, rising from $826 billion to the $16 trillion today, and Bill Nelson supported increasing the debt ceiling 17 times.


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