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Letter to Senator Nelson


Location: Unknown

Dear Senator Nelson:

A year ago you voted for a bill which in your own words "would hurt our defense" and added, "We can't do the sequester," in reference to a bill you supported that would gut our national defense by over $500 billion.

Your record for over 40 years has been to vote for liberal programs and liberal ideals, and then portray a moderate masquerade in Florida. You did it yesterday when you had your campaign re-release a letter in direct contradiction to your own vote. As a lawmaker you can't vote one way and then come to your home state to ask for a do-over.

This is a campaign about reality not fantasy. You will not be permitted to hide your liberal record any longer from the voters of Florida.

Your campaign has been reduced to name calling and personal attacks because you know and now the people of Florida know your voting record is appalling.
Specifically you went to a Florida military community yesterday and pretended that you opposed the very thing you voted for, shameful.

In short Senator Nelson, you are the John Kerry of Florida. You're pretending to be against it after you voted for it.

And you've got a long record of doing just that.

Your liberal voting record is crystal clear for all to see.

98% of the time you have voted with Barack Obama.

The upcoming election is critical to our nation's future. The people have a clear choice -- Barack Obama and Bill Nelson and their failed liberal approach to the future. Or Mitt Romney and myself -- common sense conservatives who will put our nation back on track to more freedom, prosperity and a better tomorrow.
Most Sincerely,


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