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Cesar Henao Condemns Alan Siegel's Comments


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One of the things that President Clinton touched upon Wednesday night in his speech was how both parties have become so contentious that they have forgotten why they were sent to Washington.

Now we have the infamous statement by Mark Siegel that Christians just want Jews slaughtered, and a retort by Adam Hasner that Siegel's comments were ignorant, intolerant and insulting, and calling on Lois Frankel to condemn Siegel. She has since made a statement, but as of yet, no comments have been seen from Congressman Ted Deutch.

Siegel's comments may have been ignorant and insulting, and make for sensational sound bytes for tabloids and talk shows. However, it does very little for putting Americans back to work who are unemployed or underemployed. The religious debate doesn't help Americans put food on their tables or secure the future for their children's college fund, or save for their retirement plans.

What amazes me most is how the American public allows both of these parties to get away with that nonsense of finger pointing and blaming versus doing what they were elected to do and have a sworn obligation to the nation to conduct its business in a rational and sane manner.

The real issue is that President Clinton stated that there are currently 3 million jobs that are going unfilled because we do not have individuals qualified to fill these positions. What plan does either party have for filling those positions? I have a proposal that would sharply reduce that number and put Americans back to work with high-paying jobs.

Today, I am shifting my anger from the self-serving politicians in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, to you the listener and public. We must stop putting the same losers back into office, year after year.

During the Watergate years the FBI informant known as Deep Throat made one of the most appropriate statements that clearly explains American politics, "Just follow the money." Political action committees of the Democratic and Republican parties are buying up America, and won't stop until you the public wake up and smell the coffee. The only antidote for this poison is to elect Independent candidates that are financed by you and owned by you.

Israel is the only reliable ally we have in the Middle East, each political party in Israel has clearly stated that a strong Israel is dependent on being nonpartisan in American politics. Let's respect Israel's wishes by making sure both parties support and defend Israel's sovereign right to exist and to thrive as a free people. Shame on both parties for using whatever they can to garner votes. The safety of Israel is not, and should never be a partisan attack issue.

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