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Why We Need Your Help, Now


Location: Unknown

On Tuesday, I asked you to help us continue to run our TV ad, exposing my opponent Todd Long's promise to "privatize" Social Security, turning the Social Security Trust Fund over to gamblers on Wall Street.

Long: "On Social Security, I would privatize it."

Announcer: "You would privatize Social Security?"

Long: "I would definitely privatize it."

As you know, a lot of candidates run a lot of TV ads. So you may be wondering why you should help with this one.

Here is why.

I mentioned to you that the current cost of running this ad in Orlando is 15 cents per voter. One month ago, it was 5 cents per voter. The cost of TV advertising in Orlando has tripled in the past thirty days.

Why? Because as Orlando goes, so goes Florida. And as Florida goes, so goes America. For better or worse, we here in Orlando may well determine the outcome of the Presidential election. And because of the Senate race between Florida Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Connie Mack, we here in Orlando may determine control of the US Senate, too.

As a result, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and the Super PACs have been bombarding voters in Orlando with their propaganda napalm on TV, delivered in a deluge of 30-second shells. They've been buying up all of the ad time, driving up the price.

It's supply and demand, as the Right Wing seeks the upper hand.

The way this is going, by Election Day, it will be more expensive to deliver a 30-second ad to a voter's home than it will be to deliver a pizza. With three toppings.

The $30 that you give us now will let us reach 200 voters with our ad. A month from now, maybe only 100. And just before Election Day, maybe only 50. If we can reach anyone at all.

So now is the time, and this is the place. Dig deep. Let's get the word out while we still can, beat Todd Long, and save Social Security and Medicare.


Alan Grayson

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