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Allen's Campaign Exposes Their Hollow Claims of Bipartisanship

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As he runs for re-election, George Allen has repeatedly attempted to paper over a career of divisive politics and partisan rhetoric that has and continues to pit Virginians against one another. Earlier this summer, George Allen pointed to Senator Barbara Boxer as a Democrat he partnered with during his term in the Senate. At the Northern Virginia Technology Council forum in June, George Allen told the audience: "[T]his will be stunning to folks, I worked with John Kerry and Barbara Boxer on the Wireless Innovation Act...."

But, just last night, George Allen's campaign fired off a fundraising email slamming their candidate's supposed ally, Senator Boxer, as a "liberal" promoting a "job-destroying" agenda.

Guess they're not allies anymore.

At last month's debate sponsored by the Virginia Bar Association, Tim Kaine highlighted just how hollow George Allen's election year claims to bipartisanship truly are:

Allen: In the U.S. Senate, you mentioned Hillary, Senator Clinton at the time, now Secretary of State. We actually worked together. . . . John Kerry and I really don't agree on many issues, but we did agree on WiFi.
Kaine: George, you may say campaigns aren't about running other people down, but that's just always what you do and you continue to do it to today. You talked about working with Hillary Clinton, here's what you said about working with Hillary Clinton while you were a colleague of her's, "she's so contrary to all of our values, our principles and our ideals'. You said repeatedly, I'd rather be drinking beer with George Bush than nibbling cheese and drinking wine with Hillary Clinton at her mansion. You called John Kerry an elite Massachusetts liberal who does not embrace the values we hold dear in Virginia.

I mean, these are just senators that you served with, wow, I hate to hear about people you weren't serving with.

"When it comes to working across the aisle to tackle our economic and fiscal challenges, the contrast in this campaign could not be clearer," said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine. "Tim Kaine has made finding common ground to deliver results for Virginia's families and businesses a cornerstone of his campaign for the Senate and his time in elected office. By George Allen's campaign's own words, it's clear he would feed, not fix, the gridlock in Washington."

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