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George Allen Listens to Seniors in Loudoun County

Press Release

Location: Loudoun County, VA

Today, George Allen brought his Virginia Voices tour to Loudoun County where he listened to the concerns and ideas of seniors whose voices are not being heard in Washington. At a town hall-style meeting at the Leisure World retirement community center, George Allen met with dozens of seniors who voiced their views on Medicare, energy prices, and jobs.

One concern for seniors is the health care tax law that raids Medicare by over $700 Billion. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the health care law leaves $716 Billion less for Medicare, cutting the available funds for the program to pay for other portions of the health care law. Additionally, seniors are concerned about the unelected, unaccountable 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board that will make coverage decisions under the health care law.

"Seniors from all walks of life are agreeing on a common goal for this election: we want leaders who will work to fix our economy and help ensure that future generations have the opportunities we had," said Bob Follett, President of the Leisure World Republican Club. "We're veterans of wars and retirees of many working years who believed in a country that delivers on its promises. But many of us are facing higher costs and fewer choices in Medicare while a weak economy and high energy prices undercut the savings and benefits we've earned. I know George Allen believes in a better future based on his commitment to ensuring that seniors receive the benefits we've paid into on his record of helping create hundreds of thousands of jobs. That's the kind of leadership we need in Washington now."

The economy is also weighing heavily on seniors' minds. The rising price of energy is leading to higher fuel and food prices, taking a growing share of seniors' fixed income. Additionally, many seniors are worried about an economy in which their children and grandchildren are struggling to find work that meets their skills and provides for their families.

"Our nation has much to learn from seniors who understand that individual liberty and hard work -- not the growth of government -- builds success," said George Allen. "Right now, seniors' voices are being ignored in Washington while their benefits are being targeted under the health care law that cuts Medicare. Seniors deserve to know that the programs they've paid into their entire working lives will be there for them through retirement. I want to be seniors' voice in Washington to strengthen Medicare and Social Security and get our economy moving again through a more simple, fair and competitive tax system, reasonable regulations, and unleashed energy resources for more affordable food, fuel and electricity. As Governor, I worked with both parties for historic reforms of welfare, and I want to provide the same bipartisan leadership in the U.S. Senate to fulfill America's promises to all our seniors."

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