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Huge Labor Day News


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To me, Labor Day is about the American Dream.

My Grandpa Cabral, a union truck driver, always impressed upon my father, and then me, the importance of a quality job -- of the dignity and security it provides.

To this day, my Grandpa Cabral's values are my own. He believed -- as do I - the number one priority for Congress should be ensuring everyone can pursue their American Dream with a well-paying job to keep the roof over our heads, food in the children's mouths, and clothes on our backs.

And that's why, on Labor Day, I am especially thrilled to announce that my campaign has been endorsed by the Virginia AFL-CIO.

Over the coming weeks until Election Day, I look forward to proudly standing with the working women and men of this organization as we fight to restore some Virginia common sense to Washington D.C.

Stand with us: sign up to volunteer for my campaign right now and let's unify as one - united we stand, divided we fall.

It isn't easy taking on the status quo and an incumbent who has been in Congress for more than 30 years. But the stakes for our children and our future are too high to not give it everything we've got.

The tens of thousands of Virginians who are the backbone of our state's AFL-CIO get it: Congress is way off track. That's why I'm running, and why I'm delighted to have their support -- because my focus will always be on creating jobs and ensuring every last Virginia family can reach for and achieve their American Dream.

There are only 64 days left, and I'm going to need your help to win so we can take up that fight in Washington. Please join my team by signing up to volunteer to talk to your friends and neighbors about why you're with my campaign.

My Grandpa Cabral achieved his American dream. Now let's fight to ensure everyone else in Virginia can too.


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