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Goose Creek Patch - Rose Challenges Scott on Veteran Benefits

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Jonathan Allen

Bobbie Rose, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 1, laid into Rep. Tim Scott (R-Charleston) over veterans' benefits outside the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Thursday.

"This facility and facilities like this across the country are at risk because of proposed cuts in funding," Rose said. "The recent budget passed by the House and voted for by my opponent Tim Scott is 98 pages long without a single mention of the word veterans. Although it does contain over $11 billion in cuts that affect our veterans, there is zero mentions of veterans."

Rose said in contrast to Scott, who was a vocal supporter of the Paul Ryan budget plan the House passed, she promised she will never support a budget that "doesn't support veterans."

Rose added that the issue of benefits for military veterans is one of the most important issues in the campaign.

"I think it's pretty much at the top of the list," Rose said. "We owe them our very freedom, and we have a contract with our veterans. They go on the front lines, they put their lives on the line, and when they come home they expect, and they should feel confident that we'll take care of them the way they took care of us when they went to fight."

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