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Shelley Berkley Statement on Paul Ryan's Speech at the Republican National Convention


Location: Unknown

Today, U.S. Senate candidate Shelley Berkley issued the following statement following Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican National Convention. Congressman Ryan is the architect of the Heller-Ryan-Romney Budget plan which Senator Dean Heller said he was "proud" to be the only member of Congress to vote for twice. The Heller-Ryan-Romney plan essentially ends Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies, and under the plan, seniors'premiums would increase by $6,000 and they would pay $15 million more in prescription drug costs this year alone.

"Although Senator Heller wasn't in Tampa tonight, his political mentor Paul Ryan filled in for him and gave a speech that should be disturbing to middle-class families across Nevada. The Heller-Ryan-Romney plan, which Senator Heller "proudly" voted for twice, essentially ends Medicare by turning it over to profit-hungry private insurance companies, raises seniors' premiums by $6,000 and increases prescription drug costs. While Washington Republicans like Senator Heller, Congressman Ryan, and Mitt Romney continue fighting for the Big Oil companies making record profits, corporations that ship American jobs overseas, and profit-hungry private insurance companies, I'll continue to stand with Nevada's middle-class families to create good-paying jobs that can't be outsourced and protect Medicare and Social Security."

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