It's Official


By:  John Oceguera
Date: Aug. 30, 2012
Location: Unknown

This week's Republican National Convention makes it official.

With Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan nominated, and the passing of their extreme party platform, Republicans have officially declared war on women and seniors.

And Congressman Joe Heck is right in the middle of it.

Instead of focusing on rebuilding our economy and getting people back to work, Heck, Romney, and Ryan are pandering to the Republican Party's most extreme, far-right activists.

Their plan? End Medicare as we know it, and outlaw abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

It's unconscionable. And it's why I'm taking on Congressman Heck.

Pitch in right now and let's get Congress focused on the right priorities.

While Nevadans struggle to just get by, Heck, Romney, and Ryan are doubling down on their attacks against women and seniors.

Heck has already voted twice to end Medicare, and if he, Romney, and Ryan have their way, they'll force Nevada seniors into a voucher program that increases health care costs and turns over their health care to private insurance company bureaucrats.

And, after supporting a watered-down Violence Against Women Act, Heck and national Republicans are supporting a platform that viciously attacks a woman's right to choose, playing politics with the health and safety of Nevada women.

My priorities are different: In Congress, I'll focus on creating jobs and getting Nevadans back to work. That's a far cry from Heck, Romney, and Ryan, who want to score cheap political points through policies that hurt women and seniors.

Help me win in November -- donate today and let's get Nevada and Congress working again.


John Oceguera

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