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Dill Shares Snowe's 'Shock' in Extremist GOP Moves


Location: Cape Elizabeth, ME

Cynthia Dill, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement today regarding the partisanship that has gridlocked the U.S. Congress:

"I appreciate Sen. Snowe's candid views today on the non-inclusive nature of the modern-day Republican Party, especially as it relates to social issues.

"And I believe the extreme partisanship issue that has gripped the U.S. Congress is tied up with the Republican Party's identity crisis regarding the far-right Tea Party. The GOP cannot accommodate the Tea Party's extremist views under its Reagan-era "big tent' philosophy. And this has caused the massive dysfunction in Washington.

"When I see thoughtful Republican senators like Olympia Snowe, who no longer have a place at the table with their own party because their views are too "moderate,' then clearly the national Republican Party has a problem.

"And it has made its identity crisis a problem for all of us. Instead of working with President Obama and working with Democrats in Congress, most GOP extremists have just said "No' and have blocked significant pieces of legislation.

"When the GOP no longer embraces courageous legislators like Olympia Snowe, it is time to leave that party where it is -- behind the times. It is time to embrace core Democratic values and stand with our President to move this country -- and all of its people -- forward into the 21st Century."

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