Dill Joins State Workers, Waterville Mayor for Events

By:  Cynthia Dill
Date: Aug. 23, 2012
Location: Augusta, ME

It is with great pleasure today that I stand with this distinguished group of Maine people.

Here are the faces of Maine's working men and women. Here stand our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, our family.

Every day, state employees in Maine commit themselves to public service and to improving the lives of fellow Maine people and their families.

Every person here is a member of the Maine State Employees Association SEIU Local 1989. You represent a 15,000-member strong labor of currently working or retired Maine public sector employees.

I want to thank the Board of MSEA SEIU LOCAL 1989 for its decision to endorse me as the next Democratic U.S. Senator from Maine.


It is truly an honor to have your trust and to have earned your support.

All of you have given so much to our community in your professional lives. Today, it is time to thank you.

To the active and retired workers of the Maine State Governments Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches - Thank you.

To those working in the Maine Public Employee Retirement System, Thank you.

To members of the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy and the Maine Military Authority - Thank you.

To the hundreds of employees with the Maine Turnpike who us greet us motorists in all kinds of weather - Thank you

To the dedicated workers with the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and the Red Cross of Bangor - Thank you.

And finally, a heartfelt salute to employees of the critical Child Development Services, who watch over thousands of needy children in Maine - Thank you.

Please know that your service and work are vital to a more prosperous Maine.

Your talents and sacrifices help ensure that Maine people are provided the necessary services and programs in all walks of life.

Just one more "thank you" before I conclude.

Thank you for being proud union members and always carrying the union banner high.

Today, the far-right GOP Obstructionists have pinned a target on the backs of American unions and American workers. They have pinned a target on you.

They have, in effect, declared war on unionized workers and on collective bargaining. Why? Because it secures benefits for workers such as paid sick leave and health care insurance.

In other words, the far-right GOP Obstructionists would be quite happy, indeed giddy, if those union protections disappeared, if giant corporations could pocket the savings and if millions of Americans were forced to work for less money and with few job guarantees.

How is that progress, you ask.

It is not.

It is turning back the clock in America, turning back time to an era when workers had no protections, when jobs came without health care benefits, when there were no paid vacations, no paid sick live, no such thing as the Family Medical Leave Act to take care of our children, spouses and family.

The GOP Obstructionists want to turn back the clock on almost everyone in America -- on women, on senior citizens, on small business owners, on military veterans, on students.

This is all being done in order to give EVEN MORE tax breaks to the super-wealthy. And to create EVEN DEEPER class divisions in this nation.

Yes, it is all about the money. Yes, it is all about the millionaires, the privileged, the entitled.

Today, we need to stand tall and tell the GOP Obstructionists, "No! Not this time!"

No. Not this time. Not this election. Not in America in 2012.

You cannot roll back our rights.

You cannot take away our health care benefits. You cannot dismantle President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

You cannot block increases to the minimum wage.

You cannot have the government control a woman's reproductive life.

You cannot continue to saddle our university and college students with thousands of dollars of crushing debt.

You cannot continue to outsource and off-shore American jobs while also getting federal tax breaks from the American government.

You cannot continue to earn even higher profits on the backs of American workers.

You cannot continue to say you love America, but do everything in your power to hurt hard-working Americans.

No. Not this time. Not this election. Not in America in 2012.

Our union members here in Maine and across America have always known the power of standing united.

You have always known the power of making your voices heard, collectively and in unison.

In November, we must all stand together as Democrats.

We must join forces across this country to preserve the hard-fought rights we have won -- as Democrats.

We must guard against an erosion of worker protections in this country. We must stop the outsourcing of American jobs. We must stand tall for our collective American future.

We must hold the Democratic banner high. Proudly. No apologies.

Thank you for standing with me as I face this important November election.

As an unabashed Democrat, I need your support; President Obama needs your support. Your fellow workers and fellow Americans need your support.

And when I am in the U.S. Senate, as a Democratic U.S. Senator from Maine, I will carry your banner high each day. I pledge to keep your concerns and your agenda at the top of my priorities, always.

Thank you, members of the Maine State Employees Association SEIU local 1989.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

Just $5 from everyone reading this would do it.