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Issue Position: Government Spending

Issue Position

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Just as families have tightened their belts and adjusted their spending habits, our government must follow suit. It is clear that we must reduce government spending while helping to alleviate the tax burdens on our families. Ending wasteful and duplicative government programs is key to reducing our spending.

We cannot continue to uncontrollably expand our national debt, financed by foreign countries, in hopes of spending our way into recovery. Taxpayers should not be deceived into giving the federal government a blank check every year, which is why I support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget.

This Congress I have voted for a Federal budget that reduced annual spending by $7 billion; averted multiple government shutdowns while still managing to cut over $10 billion; and slash an additional $24 billion in wasteful government spending.

Repealing Obamacare would also have tremendous benefits on reducing government spending. I have voted to repeal this government takeover of healthcare and save trillions.

I am also proud to have voted to cut my own Congressional office budget and terminate taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns to reduce Federal spending and the deficit.

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