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Issue Position: Protecting Medicare and Social Security

Issue Position

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Social Security and Medicare are a sacred trust with our country's seniors who have worked and paid into the system their entire lives. I will steadfastly oppose any effort to reduce Social Security or Medicare benefits for America's retirees or those nearing retirement. I will also oppose any plan that changes the system in any way for those who count on Social Security or Medicare.

I believe Medicare and Social Security should provide for a stable and secure retirement for seniors. That's why I believe Medicare needs to have strong provisions for prescription drug benefits and it's why I've signed the Social Security and Medicare Protection Pledge.

Ensuring that every member of the greatest generation and those who have worked their entire lives receive adequate benefits is the solemn responsibility for all of us, and something that should be protected at all costs.

Congress needs to work together, in a bi-partisan way, to ensure the system is solvent for future generations without changing the programs for seniors who currently count on their earned benefits or are nearing retirement.

I will lead the effort to stop borrowing from Social Security assets, and won't hesitate to stand up to my own party or anyone else who threatens the future of Social Security or Medicare.

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