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Dr. Ami Bera Calls Upon Congressman Lungren to Denounce Rep. Akin's Appalling Remarks


Location: Elk Grove, CA

On Sunday, Rep. Todd Akin made extremely offensive remarks that clarify the warped reasoning behind HR 3, a bill that he co-sponsored with Congressman Lungren that sought to redefine rape as "forceful" rape.

"As a husband and the father of a young woman, I am outraged by these disturbing and offensive remarks.

I join both President Obama and Gov. Romney in their condemnation. I call upon Congressman Lungren to denounce Rep. Akin's appalling comments.

Further, I call upon Congressman Lungren to renounce the bill he co-sponsored with Rep. Akin, which attempted to limit women's health care options by redefining rape as "forcible" rape.

As a physician and public health professional, it disgusts me that our elected officials are injecting politics into the definition of rape. We have spent the last two decades teaching our society that "no means no," and making sure we respect human dignity. Yet Dan Lungren and Todd Akin still don't get it. This is simply unacceptable."

HR 3 was denounced by women's groups for its attempts to limit victims' health care options by altering the legal definition of rape.

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