Blog: The Labor Day that Could Have Been


By:  Jack Uppal
Date: Sept. 4, 2012
Location: Unknown

On this Labor Day, I can't help but think about the 12.8 million Americans that are unemployed, and how many of them right here in our district might have found jobs, if it were not for the Do Nothings in Congress.

It was just about one year ago that President Obama announced his American Jobs Act.

This Act would have helped the people in our district by cutting taxes on small business so they could grow and hire more employees. It would have helped our children by renovating school facilities, modernizing science labs and adding internet-ready classrooms. It including funding to keep and hire more firefighters, police and teachers. It would have expanded access to high-speed wireless that our district so desperately needs. And it would have invested in fixing our crumbling infrastructure.

Some blame our president, and say his policies have failed. The failure lies with an Obstructive Congress that wants make sure President Obama is a one term president. If that means no jobs, and a failed economy, then so be it. The Do Nothings in Congress put politics first, and the needs of the American people last.

My tenet, "Putting people first," isn't just a slogan; it's the moral principle that guides my candidacy. Putting people first, means enacting policies that help our people and strengthens our economy. We all know that when America works - everyone benefits. And passing the American Jobs Act would have helped make that happen.

The Time is now to send our "Do Nothing" Congressman home and get America working again.

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