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Blog: The Tough Issues


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Today's headline in the News & Observer says it all. Governor Romney and Paul Ryan won't duck the tough issues.

I've worked with Paul Ryan in the House. I've seen him tackle the hard issues of our time and fearlessly propose solutions.

I know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won't duck the tough issues.

And the Washington Democrats know it too.

National Democrats also know that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are looking the American people in the eye and telling them the truth about our fiscal crisis and the hard choices we have to make -- and they are winning.

Without their own record to run on, National Democrats are shamefully turning to their favorite tactic of distorting the facts and trying to scare the American people.

Today they released a new ad attacking me and six other conservatives in the House for our decision to stand with Paul Ryan on his path to prosperity -- a conservative solution that will preserve and protect Medicare and tackle our exploding national debt.

For the past four years Democrats in Washington have ducked the tough issues and they know it. Now their only option is to resort to lies and false attacks against me.

Please help me fight back against their false and shameful attacks by making an emergency contribution to my campaign right now.

Help me send a message to the National Democrats that their false attacks and lies against me won't work.

Please donate right now:

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