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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Labor Day -- Working for our Future


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This week, we mark the unofficial end of summer -- Labor Day weekend -- with most people wondering where the summertime went. I hope this message finds you enjoying family and friends or taking a break from your traditional "work."

The Labor Day holiday began with the labor movement in the late 1800′s, the strong backs upon which our nation was built and the trades that still keep us moving today. It honors our country's core values -- the hard work it takes to get ahead, the perseverance to do so and the responsibility that comes with economic gains.

Every day, men and women continue to build and grow our great nation by the contributions they make at work. We're doing everything we can at the state level to keep people working and create new opportunities in this changing world.

A recent report by the Center for American Progress tells us other countries, through grit, determination and dire necessity are making the political commitments and financial investments to improve and modernize -- and the best of them are catching up to us. That's why it's important we strengthen American competitiveness in an increasingly global market.

It's stunning to think that in five years, India, for instance, will graduate 20 million people from high school, or five times as many as in the United States. By 2030, China will have 200 million college graduates, more than the entire U.S. workforce. We know the next generation can be equally equipped with the skills and knowledge to keep us strong.

Our children will face a much more competitive world in the years ahead. That's why we have some incredible work in education underway in Delaware. This school year, we want to prepare our children to have the best shot at the labor market of the future, as we celebrate this Labor Day and work together to keep Delaware moving forward.

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