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Issue Position: Energy

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The United States consumes over 20% of all oil pumped from the ground, and we import about 45% of the oil from other countries. Our dependence on foreign oil and the corresponding transfer of wealth to other nations is a real threat to our national security. Because of this threat, we need a National Energy Policy, to set guidelines and a road map for Americans to follow. A National Energy Policy will bring into focus the various renewable and non-renewable resources we have available to us, with the goal of making the United States energy independent. Energy independence will help stabilize prices and lower energy costs, and allow us to develop economically feasible renewable energy sources. A National Energy Policy will also set the standard for clean and affordable energy which will help the environment and the economy.

We can reduce the amount of imported oil by expanding our use of domestic natural gas. New discoveries and new technology has made an abundance of natural gas available to us. We should implement ways to utilize more of this American clean energy resource into our transportation system, expanding the use of passenger and commercial vehicles that operate on compressed natural gas. The federal government should take the lead and set the example by using natural gas low-emission vehicles and converting the truck and bus fleets to natural gas. We must also continue our efforts to develop affordable renewable energy sources that will not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but will reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources.

Until we are able to reach energy independence, we must meet our immediate and growing energy needs using a balanced approach, utilizing all available resources including oil, coal, natural gas, geo-thermal, nuclear power, wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen. With a National Energy Policy, we can develop mandates for each of these resources with the goal of energy independence and a sufficient supply of clean and affordable energy. But the National Energy Policy can only be developed and implemented with leadership, not politics.

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