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Issue Position: Ted's Political Philosophy

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"I have been rewarded by being able to work in my chosen field and blessed by many wonderful clients and patients over the years. I have lived the "American Dream" in this great nation of ours and am committed to preserving it for future generations."
- Ted Yoho

I truly believe that America, notwithstanding our shortcomings, is still the greatest nation in the world. Created from struggle between a "mother" country with a tyrannical government against individuals so desperate for freedom they were willing to lay down their lives, we emerged a country forged by the wisdom of its Founding Fathers, blessed by the grace of God and directed by a road map revered around the globe, The Constitution of The United States of America. This document is what has set us apart from every other country in the world, the very document which has allowed us to become leaders in the world of technology, individual wealth and health care, enabling us to become an economic and military superpower with personal freedoms and opportunities unequaled in the world.

I believe government has become too large, all-encompassing and fiscally irresponsible, creating a dramatically negative impact upon our way of life as we have known it. This has led to the point of America teetering on collapse, sacrificing its past outstanding economic and military excellence as well as compromising national security and social programs. As designed by our Constitution the government has limited powers, yet our elected "leaders" have chosen increasingly more often to disregard its doctrine, and continue to do so at an alarming rate.

We as Americans need to realize that this governing body consisting of 535 individuals (536 with the President) were actually elected by us and sent to Washington to represent our best interests. It is not only our right but our civic duty to hold our elected officials accountable for upholding the values and principles set forth by this treasured document that sets us apart from all others. We need to insist on leadership that can create and execute policy solutions for bringing our runaway economy under control and put us on track with a workable plan towards American Energy Independence as well as Immigration Reform. We need leaders to address our Social (In)Security, focusing on blatant Medicare/Medicaid fraud. We need leaders that do not propose to allow 2000+ page Health Care/Stimulus bills to be passed before being read or published for constituent views, that are not afraid to stand up against wasteful government spending and redundancy on so many levels.

In summary, we need leaders that are not entrenched in Washington but who will be in the trenches working for the people they represent. With your support I intend to be one of those leaders.

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