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Issue Position: Living Wage

Issue Position

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The minimum wage should be a living wage that is connected to the inflation rate, it would be $15.50 an hour if it had moved as it should with the inflation rate.
In some parts of this country there are not enough hours in a months time for someone working a minimum wage job to pay rent and housing needs before they try to feed them selves. Some families parents are working two jobs each and barely surviving no time to be parents or go to school to better them selves and families. The minimum wage should be raised $8.25 to $15.50 this should be a scaled raise so all wages increase this amount($8.25). The increase in wages will allow our system to fix its self through the true Free Market of We The Consumers being free to choose goods and services. This will allow us to borrow money against our wages to buy homes, cars and other items that help our economy with the demand for goods and services,which will help new job growth.

Some will say that goods and services will go up if that is the case then why has every thing already gone up except minimum wage. Why are the wealthiest in the country trying to stop the minimum wage to put We The Working Class on the same field as Mexico, China,Indonesia,India and any other country they own businesses in where the average hourly wage is less than American minimums. I am running to defend We The Working Class from the Chamber of Commerce and the very wealthy they represent that have been fighting a War on Labor and have been stealing control for the past 41 years. So please help me end this War on the Working Class and Consumers of America.

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