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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Education Importance

Education is the most important first to the civil defense for We the People the improvements in civil services like fire, police, medical, disaster relief etc. affect each of us. We must continue the education in these areas and could use this as a way to create more jobs and provide more security for We the People. Education is also beneficial to employers the more educated the work force the more they will profit off the knowledge and labor of the working class. Education is what allows We the People to be Free and Independent and helps with the pursuit of happiness and protection of our civil liberties.

Federal Role

We need a strong guide and minimum standards to education to ensure that we all get an equal start in education no matter where in the country we are educated. We need to be able to adjust across the country with new techniques in education being shared at the speed of technology. We need to fund the short falls that many communities are facing in school districts, the education of all children should never be at risk. We also must sustain areas until the economy can come back around in the parts of the country hit hardest by the recession to insure that the capitalist don't come in and steal our schools. Teachers pay should go up and when needed should be subsidized by the federal government, this will help get more people involved that our country needs to fix the system.

Continuing Payed Education

With education being the most important part of our system we should encourage all Americans to be good Citizens, Employee's, Parents and neighbors by paying them to get educated on how to be good Citizens and giving the basic knowledge for a Free and Independent life. This money also will help rebuild the middle class and fund the financial institutions.

Rehabilitation (prison)

If any one is to be released from jail/prison we should help keep them out by educating and giving them the tools of knowledge to be good citizens. We currently send people to jail and they come back as educated criminals, educated on how to pull off crime. We should work to make our communities safe by helping teach human beings to be good and that we do care and they will have a chance in our community.

Military and Civil Service Corp

Education should fall under the military budget since it is so important to our civil defense as we move up in the education system we should have options to be payed to continue into the military or a civil service corp. This will strengthen our country and communities and help with the defense of our country from all threats of human or natural disaster. These two groups should be coordinated at some point to be able to us all assets needed to respond in times of need for We the People. This also is creation of more jobs that We the People need to be able to participate in capitalism with dignity of work.

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