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A Very Clear Choice


Location: Unknown

Coming out of Tampa, we have given our fellow countrymen a very clear choice. We can either stay on the path that America has been placed upon by President Obama: a path of debt, a path of doubt, a path of decline.

Or we can get people back to work. We can restore growth in this economy and opportunity in our economy. And the way we do that is we elect this man, Mitt Romney, as next President of the United States. President Obama made a whole bunch of promises when he ran for president.

And now, we see a laundry list of broken promises. 23 million people are struggling to find work today. The unemployment rate in Florida is 8.8 percent. Foreclosures, houses underwater, the highest poverty rates in a generation.

Half of all college graduates are either unemployed or are not working in the field they studied for. College graduates should not spend their 20's in their childhood bedrooms looking up at fading Obama posters wondering when they can move out and get on with their lives.

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